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it's just a feeling
this must be the feeling of love
Going Back Into Hiding ( ̄□ ̄;) 
11th-Nov-2012 04:28 pm

I guess that wouldn't really surprise anyone right OTL haven't exactly been active on this journal (though it is my baby and I will continue to love it regardless). I have too much on my plate right now, and what with hating everything I seem to be writing (seriously, just what on earth is my writing style...urgh), I think it's time to put all my ideas in a locked up chest and just focus on the studies for now. It's final year too and it's proving to be a total and utter bitch to be honest :s 

So for now farewell (will try and be back for December 2012 (omfg seeing Big Bang) /January 2013), and take care of yourselves while I'm gone.

Please do feel free to drop by to say 'hi' if ever you want to. I may be on hiatus but that doesn't mean I don't like to meet new people and have a good ol' conversation with those I already know :) 

Okay. I miss you already~ 

And for your entertainment while I'm gone, I present to you... Yong Junhyung, interpretive back-up drummer OTL

11th-Nov-2012 06:15 pm (UTC)
Interpretative back-up drummer or Hyunseung's personal fapper? Cast your votes ladies....

Real life is a total bitch but HEY! DECEMBER! BIGBANG AND ME! WE SHOULD THROW A PARTY!

But about your writing style...

You need a serious scolding soon...but still...

(and leprechauns)
11th-Nov-2012 08:38 pm (UTC)
good luck with your studies, have fun at big bang's concert (i can't go, sadly T-T), i miss you already, see you soon and wow, junhyung not only slaps but also bangs (this doesn't sound incoherent at all........XD) like a girl :D our bias is weird, but we love him this way and well, who in beast isn't weird.. hyunseung is especially weird and since junhyung bangs.. no wait...uhhh, ilu, please come back quickly yeah!! *escapes* 8D
29th-Nov-2012 01:30 pm (UTC)
First of all, I know this is ages later but--all of your whingings are unacceptable lady! We both know that I think you are glorious and I love all your works! so don't be a silly gingerbread man.

secondly, I need to share with you a song that is, if I may so boldly claim, the perfect match for the oddest Junhyung/whoever you want sexy fic evar. Now come out of hiding so I can share it with you!

THIRDLY, WHERE IS MY CONSTRUCTION WORKER DOOJOON!? hehehehehe, I am feeling neglected without my sooty, strong, ripply biceps. :(

Fourthy--I LOVE YOU PRIYA AND I MISS YOU! OH, HOW I MISS YOU! TT____TT where is my brain twin? where has she gone? I have dwindled into a stream of uncreativity and longing for my muse (which, often, is you) <3 <3 come back to me, muffin <3
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